A Unique Eating Experience in a Historic Location

In the heart of Cascais, surrounded by an iconic garden, Bougain comes to life to enchant you with a classic gastronomic experience.

The Charm of The Classic Flavors.

Housed in a centenary family house, our restaurant brings together high-end service with the utmost respect for quality ingredients and classic cooking techniques. With a menu composed of the most timeless dishes from Portuguese, French and Italian Cuisine to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Join us for a memorable meal in a unique and elegant setting.

When Returning to The Classics Becomes a Novelty Experience.

Bougain will take you on a journey through the most timeless dishes of Portuguese, French and Italian cuisine. Prioritizing the quality and high attention to detail across all moments of the service, the menu was curated to highlight the best ingredients and combine them with elevated cooking techniques that laid the foundation for contemporary gastronomy as we know it. 

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Café de São Bento


Since its founding in 1982, Café de São Bento has been an iconic destination in Lisbon, renowned for serving the best steak in the city. In 2022, the restaurant was acquired by Miguel Garcia, who has since expanded the Group to include four locations, including the original Café de São Bento at 212 Rua de São Bento, a second location at TimeOut Market, and a new restaurant opening in late 2023.

In addition to these beloved steak restaurants, the Café de São Bento Group is proud to introduce its latest concept: Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar, located in a historic family house in the heart of Cascais. The menu features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, drawing on classical Portuguese, French, and Italian influences.

This year, the Group is growing with another ambitious project that will help establish Cascais as a gastronomic destination: Corleone Ristorante al Mare. With a menu designed by Rodolfo de Santis, the most emblematic Italian chef in Brazil, this will be an unmissable destination for lovers of true Italian cuisine and the freshest products coming directly from Italy.

At all of our restaurants, the Café de São Bento Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and our team of 70 dedicated employees are the backbone of our success. Whether you’re savoring our famous steaks or indulging in the delectable creations at Bougain, we strive to make every dining experience unforgettable. Come dine with us and discover why the Café de São Bento Group is a true gem of Lisbon and Cascais.